Don’t worry. No judgement from this end. We believe in old Heff when he said, ‘Relax…It’s just sex.’ But, sadly, the courts aren’t so open-minded about the matter and prostitution is illegal across the U.S. That doesn’t stop most people, such as you since you’re here. Bu, now that it’s happened, what do you expect the future to hold?

Well, first of all, toughen your skin thick as sandpaper because your friends will never let this one down and you’re going to need it, no matter how old you get. Expect the funny jokes at every chance, and sometimes, it gets a bit annoying and old. But, it happens. Next, make sure that you hire a lawyer and fight the case to stay out of jail. Most people won’t spend time in jail for a prostitution charge but instead be ordered to take a john school diversion program.

So, life is never the same after an arrest for prostitution, but it certainly isn’t the end of the world. Expect many changes because your criminal record is public information accessible by anyone with an interest. But, it shouldn’t stand in the way of things to greatly.  Complete the requirements after the arrest so you don’t make matters worse. Pay your fine and make sure that you are on the straight and narrow path from this point forward.

john school diversion program

And, for heaven’s sake, don’t do it again. We all love sex and we all need it but choosing to have intercourse with a prostitute is just not safe. Find someone special to do the do with, it makes it much more fun anyway. Plus, you save a lot of cash and won’t have the worry of a return trip to jail for this charge.