Tips For Starting Kindergarten

School is a great place to learn about the world as well as how to interact with others.  The first years of school are fun, enjoyable and filled with wondrous joys.  When entering kindergarten arlington ma many children may feel anxious, unsure and even afraid.  These emotions are normal and will soon be replaced when they become familiar with their environment.

Making friends

To get your child accustomed to new children and making friends it is a good idea to coordinate with other parents that attend the school and create a playdate.  This playdate can be at a park or even in the schoolyard.  It is during these playdates’ parents can observe how their children act with others and even predict how their children will behave in school.

Give projects at home

Play school at home.  Go to the kitchen table with a whiteboard and some markers and play the teacher.  Ask your children questions, give them puzzles and more.  To help make it even more fun switch the roles and let the kids be the teacher.


No matter what age group you are or what school system you are in there will be conflicts.  These can easily be squashed before they begin by telling your children how you want them to act.  Many parents will tell them to ignore the student and tell the teacher.  This is a good way of handling it but doesn’t always work. 

When handling conflicts parents should take an active role and let their children know that it is okay to stand up for themselves.  This doesn’t mean that they can just go around hitting other kids but let them know if they do stand up for themselves that they won’t be in trouble.

kindergarten arlington ma

The world of kindergarten should be fun and uneventful.  However, learning these basic rules and methods of behavior will be the foundation in which they will build their entire school career around.

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